Back in June, I shared photos of three canvases I was designing that featured phoenixes. These magical birds have always held a special attraction for me. Phoenixes are creatures that are born from flames and ashes, live a long life as symbols of light and strength, and die again in a show of flames and ashes. They symbolize the cyclical process of life and death, renewal, completeness, and perseverance through hardship. Recent trials in my personal life have really drawn me to the idea of the phoenix and its potential for renewal and rebirth after difficult times.

The phoenix canvases are finally finished and ready for their debut at Destination Dallas September 26-28! I thought I’d share the images with you on my website now because I’m so pleased about the way they turned out.

PH-001 Fawkes 2

PH-002 Green-winged phoenix 2

PH-003 Red phoenix 2


You can find more information about these canvases in the Phoenix product category on my website. I hope you like them!