I have heard many times from different people that there aren’t enough sophisticated wedding pillow and birth announcement canvases on the market. After creating this design, I thought to myself, “this would be great for either of those purposes!”



The original design was intended to be a simple statement of love with a beautiful purple ombre behind it to give the design more texture and interest. It could work for so many different purposes. The painted canvas measures 8″ x 8″ and is 13-mesh. The lightness in color at the top of the canvas provides an opportunity for adding names, dates, etc, but the piece would still be beautiful if left without any personalization.

After posting an image of the original purple colorway, people suggested two other colorways of pink and turquoise.



All three have been added to my permanent collection, but custom color requests are available too. You can find these canvases under the Sayings product category on my website. They will be available to order at Destination Dallas starting September 26th and through my website after the show.