After painting a holiday ornament for a customer recently, I had some paint left over. I decided to design a photo frame with the left over paint. I created a pattern of color combinations similar to the one used on the holiday ornament. Then I played around with rectangles and squares. This is the finished product. What do you think?

4x6 Frame Colorful Stripes 1

I just finished painting it about 30 minutes ago. I love the modern aesthetic it has and the quirky placements of the squares within the squares at three of the corners. It would look great as a stitch sampler with a bunch of different stitches in each square or rectangle. Or, since it is already busy with color and pattern, you could use a simple stitch all over and it would still be really interesting. Beading is my favorite thing to do, so I can see it with some parts beaded, too.

This piece is available for purchase. Like all my other designs, I can customize this for you or write up a stitch guide for you to use on the piece. Please email me if you have any questions.