We recently added our 3″ x 3″ canvases to our website. Click here to see them in our shop. Short descriptions of the pieces and images can also be found in this post.

This collection only has five canvases currently, but I will be designing more in the future. These little canvases have a lot of personality, even though they are small. If you like to travel with projects, these are perfect because of their size. They also make great quick projects for those of us, like myself, who have several projects going at once; you can finish these quickly and feel like you have accomplished something!

3x3 Autumn Leaf

An autumn leaf sits on a rich purple background.

3x3 Cauldron with Pink Bubbles

Pink froth bubbles out of this bronze cauldron. Set against a purple background, the orange flames really pop!

3x3 Harvest Moon and Bats

Three bats fly against a harvest moon and deep blue night sky.

3x3 Bobby

Named after a beloved family pet, Bobby the black cat stares at you with his bright green eyes. We will have a stitch guide by Rosanne Fleming for this canvas. As soon as the piece comes back from the finishers we will post images of the finished piece and make the stitch guide available through our site.

3x3 Gobbles

Gobbles the turkey’s bright blue head and red gobbler stand out from his bronze and tan feathers.

All designs are painted with acrylic paint on 18 mesh. I hope you like them! Please contact me with any questions you may have about pricing and availability.