SA-003 Hope over fear

This canvas is a reflection of how I choose to live my life; to choose hope over fear. In an effort to give back to a wonderful organization, 50% of the proceeds made from the purchase of this canvas will go directly to City of Hope. City of Hope is a medical center dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with cancer and other serious illnesses. Their goal is to transform health care by turning science into a practical benefit and hope into reality. You can learn more about City of Hope by clicking here.

The canvas is painted using City of Hope’s trademark teal and blue colors. As I have watched my loved ones battle horrible diseases, I have always felt a bit helpless and useless at their sides. This canvas and my attitude about life is a way for me to feel like I can help them through inspiring words and donations to a wonderful research center striving to find cures and deliver hope. My goal is that it helps inspire you to choose to live your life full of hope and not fear. The canvas is on 13 mesh canvas and the painted area measures 10″ x 8″.

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